Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
CH Woeful Ol' Man River
CH Sandlapper's I Got Even CH The Rectory's Limbo CH Leroy Of Lansford
CH The Rectory's Shalom
CH Sandlapper's O.K. Of Smokerise CH Hosea Of Smokerise
CH Limetree Victoria Of Mareve
CH Woeful Tantalizing Tarragon CH Rubyridge Raleigh CH Roamingwood Macho Of Gunston
CH Gunston's Rough Rhoda Ho
CH Pathfinder's Oceana CH York Point's Salty Scrimshaw
CH Patriot Elenor Roosevelt
CH HeathCliff's Sound Of Gold
CH Badger Creek Druid CH Wilberforce Of The Linden Trees Sam Of The Linden Trees
Howlings Rebels Violette
CH Hangover's One & Only CH Shilo's Gen Nathan B Forrest
CH The Rectory's Just In Time
CH HeathCliff's Lady Bernadette CH Malcom Of Wrinklelot CD CH Lord Morgan Of Briarpatch
CH Kamilot's Audacious
CH Churchill Sabra Of HeathCliff CH Sherick's Walter Of Churchill
CH Honeytree Legacy Dresden
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