1. The seller guarantees to the buyer a PUREBRED SHOW PROSPECT BLOODHOUND PUPPY.
Even though the seller deems this puppy as a show prospect; the seller cannot guarantee a championship.
The seller is guaranteeing this puppy against any disqualifying faults that may appear between puppy &
adulthood. The registration papers may not always be available at the time of purchase, but will be
forwarded within 6 months after date of purchase.

2. The puppy you have purchased has been vet checked; has at least it's first vaccination; has been
wormed at least once; has been tattooed and has had it's dew claws removed. The puppy is guaranteed
to be healthy for 72 hours after it leaves for it's new home; so we suggest that you have your puppy
checked by your vet during this time. The seller will not conform to a replacement puppy or a refund
if the puppy has been injured since time of purchase.

3. The buyer agrees not to keep the puppy tied up indefinitely or to transport the puppy in the back
of an open pick-up truck at any time without being crated and with adequate safe guards. The buyer
also agrees to provide the puppy with a safe environment, adequate shelter, good nutrition, and lots
of love. If in noncompliance, the seller has the right to seizure of puppy, with no compensation to buyer.

4. This Show Prospect puppy is sold on a Co-ownership with the seller. The Co-owernship is
only temporary, (unless other arrangements have been made between both buyer & seller,
which will be documented within the body of this contract) until the buyer abides with
all the stipulations that are stated in paragraph #5.

5. The Co-ownership will be lifted with no extra cost to the buyer; when btw the ages of
24 -36 months, the puppy passes OFA hip & elbow evaluation for Dysplasia and has
obtained the following title: CHAMPIONSHIP.
There is no time limit set on obtaining this title. In order for the puppy/buyer to
be guaranteed against Hip & Elbow Dysplasia; the puppy must be X-ray Certified no earlier
than 24 months of age and not later than 36 months of age. The X-rays must be evaluated &
Certified by (OFA) The Orthopedics Foundation for Animals. The seller will not accept an
evaluation by the buyer's vet or by OVC. Should the puppy not pass the OFA evaluation or
exhibit any other genetic faults, that has deamed the puppy as genetically unsound to produce
(excluding bite, bloat & torsion), the puppy of original purchase will be spayed/neutered at
owner's expense and will continue to reside with the original buyer. The buyer agrees to
supply the seller/breeder with a letter of confirmation, of the spay/neuter, the date the
proceedure was preformed, & signed by the attending Veterinarian who performed the surgery,
at which time the Co-ownership will be lifted. Should the puppy not pass the OFA evaluation,
it will be replaced with a puppy of equal value, when one is available. If the buyer does
not want to be compensated with a future puppy, then the buyer agrees to accept the original
purchase price, to be paid in full no later than the seller's next litter. Should the buyer
decide to sell the puppy after the failure of OFA evaluation, then the seller will not be
obligated to replace the puppy, as the sale of the puppy will be considered as a refund to
the buyer. The sale must not take place until the breeder has been notified, so the breeder
can be of assistance in assuring that the puppy is properly placed in a home that understands
the needs of the puppy & that the breeder may be of future assistance to the puppy's new owners.
Failure of Health evaluations must be substantiated by a report or in case of death, by an
autopsy report, by way of a vet of the buyer's choice. The seller will then supply these
reports to a vet of the seller's choice, as a second opinion. Should there be any discrepancy,
then the buyer has the right to have the reports analyzed by a specialist, at the buyer's expense,
if not then the word of the seller's vet will and must be accepted. The seller's guarantee is
valid for 36 months, starting from the puppy's day of birth to the day of the puppy's 3rd birthday.
Replacement agreement will not be honored if the puppy is used for breeding before the age of
24 months & without it's health clearances from OFA. Also if the buyer uses the puppy for breeding
before all of the seller's stipulations have been met and without the consent of the seller
(before Co-ownership has been lifted), or should an accidental breeding occur; a sum of $3,000.00
(Three thousand dollars), plus Paternity & legal costs will be levied against the buyer for damages.
Should a litter result from this breeding; the puppies & the buyer's dog, will then become the sole
property of the seller/breeder of said dog.

6. This contract and all of it's contents hold it's validity even if the puppy is sold or given to any
other party who then becomes a second party, who is anybody other than the original owner/buyer.
If for some reason the puppy has to be given up or be considered to be sold, the seller is to be
notified first for the right to buy back or first refusal.

7. If the puppy is abused, neglected or abandoned; or if the buyer breaches this contract in any way,
then the seller will reclaim the puppy with NO monies going to the buyer.


Phone #

Seller/Co-owner/s - Lisa Jackson
Phone # - (604) 534-3892
Address - 20346-66 Avenue
Langley, BC V2Y 1P3

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